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All-time Most Viewed Posts:

As always, the scientific equation of alcohol + cupcakes  = amazing applies.
  1. Bananas Foster Cupcakes: Bourbon and bananas come together for this perfect cupcake in an old post that has recently seen new life thanks to continued Pinterest craziness.
  2. Champagne & Mimosa Cupcakes: The magnificence of New Year's Eve and brunch come out in these triple champagne infused cupcakes.
  3. Heather and the 3 Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes: Being my friend has its benefits around your birthday. Indecision leads to 3 delicious takes on the classic, topsy-turvy cake.
  4. Eggless Mardi Gras Snickerdoodles: I celebrate my hometown's favorite holiday with these quick and easy cookies.
  5. Jambalaya Risotto: The world's creamiest shrimp and sausage jambalaya brings me back to my New Orleans roots in this original recipe.
Jambalaya Risotto in all of its creamy and spicy glory.

Top 5 Recipes of the Month:
Southwestern Omelette "Sushi" and mojitos- just one of the three parts of Brinner of the Gods
  1. Brinner of the Gods: Three amazing takes on the most important meal of the day, brinner, to celebrate my 200th post.
  2. Dr. Pepper Braised Brisket Tacos: The official soda of Texas combines with the official meat of Texas for quite possibly the world's greatest tacos.
  3. Sushi Saturday: Nigiri & Rolls Galore: From Texas Style Himachi to Spicy Tuna, our night of Japanese excess was one to remember.
  4. Cowboy Burgers & Shiner Onion Rings: Texas Independence Day is celebrated with the manliest burger and onion rings ever.
  5. Southwestern Couscous: The perfect healthy and easy side to accompany some fantastic grilling.
Healthy and colorful Southwestern Couscous